Al Qaidas Next Major Domestic Attack on the USA.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Al Qaidas Next Major Domestic Attack on the USA. It needs to be at least 4250 words. One of the most worrisome, worst-case scenarios troubling counterterrorism specialists is for an al-Qaeda operative to drive and crash a truck into the New York Stock Exchange building, which reportedly has inadequate perimeter defenses, and detonate a “dirty bomb” with conventional and radioactive materials. Such an attack would render the Stock Exchange and its immediate surroundings inactive for months, setting off worldwide economic turmoil-although this might be offset by the backup computer data storage systems located elsewhere. The London Stock Exchange is a second likely al-Qaeda bombing target, with potentially devastating economic consequences. A third worst-case scenario would be a biological agent attack against a U.S. agricultural sector, with results similar to those of the foot-and-mouth outbreak that devastated British agriculture recently. Such an attack would also severely impact the commodities trading market.

&nbsp. &nbsp.State sponsors are crucial to terrorist groups engaging in catastrophic warfare because the sponsors can be helpful in so many ways. Afghanistan’s Taliban provided bin Laden and al-Qaeda with a safe haven. Iraq is alleged to be serving as a sponsor for bin Laden and al-Qaeda because of the convergence of their objectives, particularly in taking revenge against the United States. According to press reports, at camps in Iraq, terrorists are trained in chemical and biological warfare and in flying commercial aircraft. Press reports have indicated that an al-Qaeda operative, Muhammad Ataf, met an Iraqi intelligence official in Prague several times. Although there are no smoking guns, it is reasonable to assume that Iraq may have provided al-Qaeda with chemical or biological agents-the most likely would include anthrax (a bacterium) and smallpox (a virus).

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Al Qaidas Next Major Domestic Attack on the USA.
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&nbsp. &nbsp.Al-Qaeda is the umbrella organization for an international network of like-minded groups with hundreds of cells around the world. These groups operate as planets in al-Qaeda’s solar system, which makes them highly dangerous because they already possess the infrastructure to carry out terrorist attacks in any part of the world.&nbsp. &nbsp.

&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.Potential regions to be targeted by al-Qaeda range from the U.S. homeland to foreign lands, especially those where the United States maintains valuable facilities, such as military bases, or where symbols of America, such as the McDonald’s restaurant chain, proliferate.

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