Aging and the Rising Issues of Addictions.

The author says that the issue of alcohol and drug addiction has not been explored by the methods of modern science and it is the reason why in many magazines, there are no photographs of such. There are some identified characters of the victims that the author points out. Some of them are weight loss, skin thinning, wrinkling, gray hair, dental decay, and a generally depressed appearance. The author points out that some of the signs may be confused with age-related change while in the real sense they have been brought about by drug and alcohol addiction. In dermatologic medical literature, graying of hair has not been considered in much depth as Reece explains.

Conner, Kyaien and Rosen, Daniel. Youre Nothing But a Junkie”: Multiple Experiences of Stigma in an Aging Methadone Maintenance Population. Journal of social work practice in the addictions. 8. 2 (2008): 244-264.

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Aging and the Rising Issues of Addictions.
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The authors say that some stigmas like age, race, drug addiction, and poverty have not been given much attention while others like mental illness and treatment of behaviors and attitudes have been accorded much seriousness. There are some individuals who are experiencing multiple stigmas, which are age and drug addiction, an issue that needs to be much researched. An interview was carried out among 24 old people and the results indicated that there are eight distinct stigmas among aged people as Conner and Rosen discuss in their article.

The author tries to link alcohol and drug addiction and HIV infection among the aging populations. He explains that different ways those who have been employed to curb addiction worldly have helped reduce the prevalence of the disaster, AIDS, hence played a crucial role for survival of many victims. The term AIDS itself has lost meaning since people have taken it as a matter that is within the society calling for normal attention. 

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