African American Culture Description.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on African American Culture Description. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The experience of African Americans with a nation with diverse cultures has been outstanding. Many issues that define this experience have been the basis under which norms, rules, and the networks of the African American culture are formed. Being a minority group in the American nation, the African American cultural group has faced certain challenges that define minority groups against mainstream culture. Notably, despite the number of years that African Americans have resided in America, they have maintained certain unique cultural aspects that have become identified traits of the cultural groups.

The emergence of the African Americans resulted from the intermarriages or interracial relationships between the Americans and the Africans. Notably, during the famous trans-Atlantic trade, Africans were transported from their continent to the new world where a high level of labor was needed (Mazzula, Hage & Carter, 2010). Upon their arrival in the new world, they labored as slaves for many years. Although most of them maintained their African roots, eventually. There was an event mixing with the Americans. This created a new racial group which had been named the African Americans. Notably, this group lost some of the defining African traits, and their continued experience within America has altered the level of their African identity (Bankston, 2009). Moreover, worth noting is the fact that they have also absorbed some of the cultural aspects of mainstream American culture.

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The cultural group has made efforts to retain its African identity over the years, but the historical influences have resulted in a condition of double identities. Sociologists interested in this group have realized that the acculturation process and assimilation into the mainstream culture has transformed this group to become what it is in the modern-day. Without a doubt, the group has not completely adopted the mainstream culture but has rather integrated some&nbsp.aspects of the mainstream culture and their African culture. Therefore, slavery went on for many years and leaders of African Americans sought to fight against this form of human exploitations (Bankston, 2009).

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