Afghanistan-pakistan border dispute

Individuals are engrossed in reflective thinking when they are faced with a problem, which does not provide answers. The answers, in this case, are uncertain and there is no authority to provide the correct answer. In this case, there is no specific correct answer and the problem has to be evaluated in the light of the past data. The subject of reflective thinking consists of the evaluation of beliefs and the integration of contrasting views. The problem faced in the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan is intense as its base lies in the problem between the tribes of the area and the problem do not provide with suggestive answers. (On reflective thinking. Bajoria)

The problem of the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan has a long history to it. The Afghanistan side of the border has a long history of various tribes fighting over the supremacy of the land. The British during its rule in the Indian subcontinent began to expand its empire in Central Asia where it faced the Russian opposition. The land of Afghanistan was fought over by both countries. The English fought wars in Afghanistan and won over the land. They demarcated a three-tier border system to distinguish the extension of their rule. The lines were drawn by negotiation with the then Afghan ruler King Abdur Rahman Khan. The first border was between Pakistan and the areas under the Pashtun rule. The second tier distinguished the Pashtun areas from that of Afghanistan. This is the Durand line. Sir Henry Mortimer Durand drew the borderline and it was named after him. The Durand line is the globally documented boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The third frontier was the external borders of Afghanistan in the north. Most of the problems in the area of the border stem from the presence of tribal communities in the region.&nbsp.

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Afghanistan-pakistan border dispute
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