Affordable health care act.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses the affordable health care act. Health More Affordable Paying for medical bills and expenses isn’t a joke to laugh about. It’s a serious topic to be discussed, a necessity to be budgeted, and an expense to be planned upon. Many health insurance companies have seen the health care necessity and have taken toll on the community’s need for health insurances. As companies flock into competition, the costly amount of insuring the health of even just one person has brought stones in the pockets of Americans in the long run. As a response, the government has heard the citizen’s creed and has proposed a health bill that would send at least a rain of relief towards Americans.

The passing of the Affordable Health Care for America Act aims to provide an affordable and quality healthcare while giving America the freedom to spend less in the process. This is good to the majority of the common folk, but in a higher sense, this will also have to mean certain pros and cons to stakeholders of the health care industry.

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In the case of being a health care manager, there are certain challenges that will have to arise in the employment of primary health physicians, physician assistants, and health care staff. The law has not expounded the certain job descriptions of physicians with the physician assistants. Assistants can purchase extended services from hospitals. they also have the say in responsibilities as attending physicians have. Health specialist employment will have to be marked by a line the local health care branches have to deal with. This may have to vary different institutions.

Meanwhile, physicians who are specialists will have to step down if the thrust of health care is on primary health—the downside of this may mean their specializations may be put aside depending on how people will have to avail of what the Affordable Health Bill will have to offer that are focused on primary health. They may demand certain perks upon employment since they are paid extra on counterpart cases where their specializations are recognized. Small Health Businesses should be ready for demands from specialists for compensations which the law does not supply or state otherwise.

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