Advising careless contractors ltd and its directors.

Compose a 2250 words assignment on you are advising careless contractors ltd and its directors. the directors are new to construction and have asked you to advise them about their following concerns: 1. the directors are anxious to comply with the law. explain the sources of law to them in. Needs to be plagiarism free! les or amendments are passed into law, the community expects every member of that society to abide by these set of rules in every sphere of their operations.

The second source of law relates to judicial decision made by the courts of law in ruling a given case before the jury. Ideally, this type of law is said to be judge-made because it emanates from the judicial resolution of the court in its bit to serve justice and restore order (Chalmers et al 2010, p.21). When preceding over a case of similar a nature, the jury is bound to abide by the decision of his predecessor.

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Advising careless contractors ltd and its directors.
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The application of judicial precedence relies on the basis of similarity inherent in the case in question with respect to a previous case that was decided by the court of law. Otherwise, the jury must differentiate the case so as to make a unique ruling. In that matter, court decisions serve as the second source of law that govern the precepts of justice in future case of similar nature (Alexander 2009, 44).

The third source of law relates to miscellaneous amendments. These may come in the form of regulations of the local authorities, ministerial directives or legislative resolutions made to govern the society at times of national emergencies such as war or national disaster (Davis 2007). Every person in the affected locality must therefore comply with such miscellaneous rule of law for the time being.

The European Union law is also another important source of law. This rule of law governs the operations and business undertakings pursued by all member states of the European Union. In application of the EU Law seeks to secure harmony and unification of legal systems operational in the member states. Thus, any acts of incompliance with the state law would be deemed to be inconsistent with the European Union Law (Chalmers et al 2010, p.86).

Ideally, there are three basic principles that govern the law of tort with respect to negligence.

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