Adidas Marketing Project 

Adidas Marketing Project 

Reflective and Evaluative Comments on Adidas Marketing Project Reflective Comments

The group research can be judged as very successful as the group members were fully dedicated to the assignment. Members fully researched for the marketing information about Adidas and they were resources by themselves. Sharon, the other team member had already collected a lot of information for use in the assignment during the preparation phase. In general, the group adequately prepared for the assignment.

Challenges faced included time available and getting to agree on the content for the poster. The amount of relevant information available was great thus agreeing on what to include and what to leave out in the poster presented challenge. The time for the entire assignment was not adequate but the group members came up with a work plan that guided members and assisted in time management. Group members met severally to decide on the content for the marketing poster.

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Adidas Marketing Project 
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The tutor commented that she did not require the group members to give definitions for the 4 Ps in marketing but rather give marketing objectives and how to carry out promotions. She said the group should work towards giving more details about promotions and be objective in the presentation. Group members worked on the comments and included the details that and earlier been excluded so as to provide more details about promotions and marketing objectives.

The course work imparted marketing research skills and knowledge on how to design and write posters.

Evaluative Comments

The brand under focus was Adidas which is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of sports gear. The information gathered included more of the firm’s marketing operations and strategies that have seen its success till present. Under the 4 Ps, the paper looked into pricing, promotions, place and the product. It also touched a little bit on the other 4 Ps but not deeply (Benjou & Palmer, 2013).

The work had several advantages which included more details about 4 Ps, good poster design and structure and thus easy to understand. Any marketing executive would be impressed by the quality of the poster as it was highly informative and communicated effectively and efficiently. The disadvantage in the findings included a lack of market share which was very evident from the data used. The second disadvantage is that data used was neither current nor recent. The data used was three years old and thus did not give a true representation of the current marketing situation.

Some of the most important factors were the product itself and the pricing strategies. These two factors are highly considered when developing a marketing plan. A product will be successful in the market if it is of good quality and its price is competitive. Factors considered while making these decisions included the availability of substitutes and customer’s preferences.


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