Action Vehicles

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Action Vehicles. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The owner of the movie publishes the pay per view live show of a race in which the cars are packed with lethal, dangerous, and state of the art weapons. The race continues for three days in a closed loop. like tunnel map in an island and any driver (prisoner) who will win five consecutive races will be granted freedom by the jail administration. In the quest to get freedom, the situation does or die for the prisoners and every prisoner wants to beat that last flag line and as a result, ruthless use of lethal weapons takes place during the race. That’s the reason this race is known as Death Race and the owner of the jail uses this title for the show of the pay-per-view. People find it immensely amusing because they get a chance to see real people dying and ruining each other with weapons and cars (Corman et al).

The cars are specially designed by the prisoners themselves and they can take help from the outside world too. Every driver can choose a navigator because the importance of navigator is very cardinal in a Death Race where the drivers have to be vigilant about different angles, weapons, and cars. The reward for the races is set by the owners of the jails. A prisoner can get complete freedom without any conditions if he wins five death races. The movie is full of action and every prisoner tries to build his car with maximum output and packed with most lethal weapons available. The importance of shields in the cars taking part in the death races cannot be denied because the car has to stand out the most throttling bursts of the bullet and even short-range missiles that can totally bounce the car up and down (Cotter, 156). The main hero of this movie, Jason Statham is the character around which the movie revolves. In the downsizing economy, he tries to provide his family by working very hard and he promises his wife that he will try his best to fulfill her’ sand their beloved newborn daughter’s needs, but the movie takes a new.

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Action Vehicles
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