Academic essay

Write a formal, academic essay of minimum 850 words in MLA style. Structure your essay as 4 paragraphs.

·       May refer to Lopate in your essay. Use proper MLA format when quoting and to introduce sources. No Works Cited needed. No outside sources/research may be used.

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Academic essay
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·       Give your essay an appropriate title.

·       Sources include ‘Shooting an Elephant’ by George Didion and ‘Once More to The Lake’ by E. B. White (Must refer to Didion and White.)

·       Typed only. Double spaced only. 850 words minimum.

Ø  Font: size 12pt font, New Times Roman

·       Submit as Word or pdf. document only (no other formats supported).

The following notes sheet is meant to help guide you (check other guide sheets already given):

Development of a Topic: Building an Argument

1. Phillip Lopate refers to the use of “the voice of middle age” in his “Introduction” to The Art of the Personal Essay (xxxvi). Using 2 essays, explain how the inclusion of this voice is necessary so that the reader accepts the argument or theme of the essay. (Your essay must include Didion and/or Orwell.) The thesis should state clearly why this voice is needed for each writer. The introduction must, of course, summarize each writer’s argument or theme.

a. What is the argument of each essay, as specifically as possible? (Quote a word, phrase, or

sentence from the essay if you feel this would emphasize your point)

b. Connect to Lopate’s concept.

·       The implication is that the argument would not be as effective if the “voice of

middle age” was not used—that is, if the writer had been younger when writing

the essay.

·       THESIS:

i. Therefore, the question to answer can be, “Why is this ‘voice’ needed

for the writer’s argument to succeed?”

1. Writer One:_____________________

a. Text Support: (3 or more quotes)

2. Writer Two:____________________

a. Text Support: (3 or more quotes)

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