Academic Discourse

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Academic Discourse: Community or Communities. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Contrary to the idea presented in the thesis, David R. Russell argues people who belong to different academic fields can hardly find a common ground. In the essay Academic Discourse: Community or Communities, he presents the idea that all unified approaches to writing courses are not effective. He criticizes educators who nostalgically refer to “the golden age” of literacy were taught following the same curriculum because the selectiveness of educational establishments was higher. The liberal approach to education allows more people from different backgrounds to get higher education. All these people have different aims and specializations which require certain specific language. In this way, they need to be taught differently. Specific approaches to writing within different academic fields make it difficult for researchers to understand each other. Overall, Russell states that considering significant differences between academic fields, teaching writing should be field-specific.

It is difficult not to agree with Russell that different academic communities have their specific requirements for writing. He states that the academic community is subdivided into “disciplinary communities of subcommunities” which define their border by shared linguistic forms (328). For instance, linguists focus on poetic language and its analysis while professionals in the building and construction sphere need to cope with technical documentation writing and formatting. If to ask an engineer to write an essay for a Creative Writing course, they would struggle to write even the introductory paragraph. The same situation happens when linguists need to write technical documentation in Building and Construction. These two spheres are radically different and, according to Russell, linguists and engineers can hardly understand each other or assess each other’s works.

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Academic Discourse
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