abraham lincoln policy.

Write a 6 pages paper on abraham lincoln policy. Lincoln emerged as a leader of a war-torn nation in the mid-19th century, his was politics as a way through which people could be helped to attain their rights and freedom. conversely, slavery was the antithesis foundation of freedom on which the constitution is founded. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he did not see America, as an organism gradually developed from the heritage of Anglo-Saxon ancestors of the British forbearers. to him, America was the product of a new nation founded in a specific period within which the declaration was written and enforced. Lincoln viewed the declaration of independence as the founding document of the United States as we know it. his biggest achievement was to reconfigure the perception of American people across racial and ethical divides. He made it clear through his speeches and leadership that they all share the same moral principles described as the blood of the blood and flesh of the flesh. He affected a paradigm shift in the spirit of the American people that lead them to revisits the truth according to Jefferson in which he had declared that all men are born free.

Lincoln was and remains one of the foremost champions of democracy, freedom, and equality in the United States, although his career as a president was cut short by an assassin’s bullet, his influence on the constitution and beliefs that guide the American people persist even today. Among his major achievements, none is greater than the fact that he stood firmly against the scourge of racial discrimination that was embodied in slavery which had flourished in America for over a century. Lincoln was strongly opposed to this practice, he believed that all men are born free and in one of his speeches he mentions that whenever he hears somebody advocating slavery he feels tempted to have it tried out on him (the advocator). Lincoln believed that the union could and would not stand divided, slavery would either take over the country or it would be restricted to the South and gradually allowed to die out. he believed that slavery was fundamentally&nbsp.immoral.

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