About Seated Mindfulness Meditation:

Watch these videos. Make sure to take notes, and practice the techniques every day this week (don’t freak out – most of these are really short…)!

About Seated Mindfulness Meditation:

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About Seated Mindfulness Meditation:
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About Schools Killing Creativity:

About the Value and Use of Ritualized Activity in Mindfulness Practice:

https://media.utdl.edu/stream. php?filename=Video_11.mp4& utad=rnix&height=270&width=480&folder=MUS4990901/&encoding=mp4&image=

About 4 Lessons in Creativity:

Step 4:

This weeks discussion board prompts are simple, be sure to respond to each in your post:

1. What stood out for you in the discussion on how to do Zen meditation?

2. What stood out for you in thetedtalk about schools killing creativity?

3. What stood out for you in the discussion about ritualized action?

4. What stood out for you in thetedtalk on the 4 lessons of creativity?

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