A wireless solution for a sporting goods company

An abstract is required. Retrieved December 05, 2012, from http://www.att.com/network/ 22 Executive Summary At the present, the majority of organizations use computers to carry out their day to day tasks. In this scenario, they use computers to collect, process, and store business and customer related data and information. However, when the size of business increases they need many people to carry out these tasks simultaneously. For this purpose, they build a network of computers in the firm. In a computer network, computers are connected with each other. They can share data and resources with each other. There are different ways and technologies that can be adopted to implement a computer network. In this scenario, wireless networks is a latest form of networking. Some of the other categories of wireless networking are: WLAN, 3G, 4G, WiFi, WiMax and various other standards and tools. They offer wonderful services and facilities to personal life and business areas. Hence, seeing these advantages of wireless networks the management of the Athlete’s Shack (TAS) has decided to implement new Wireless technology based WLAN. The major aim of the Athlete’s Shack (TAS) is to enhance overall corporate credibility and develop better performance based arrangement at a corporation. Introduction I have been hired as a technology consultant at Wireless Technology Company (WTC). WTC Company helps organizations and businesses resolve issues regarding network planning and design. I have been asked to write a report to propose a wireless networking solution for the Athlete’s Shack. In this report, I will present a detailed analysis of WLAN architecture for the Athlete’s Shack (TAS). This project (the implementation of the WLAN at Athlete’s Shack (TAS)) will involve implementing a wireless technology that will connect all of its stores through wireless broadband service, installing WLANs at each store, and providing its employees with iPads for better customer service. Additionally, TAS is unsure how to start this process. Thus, they have hired the services of our firm for completing this project. This report will discuss various aspects of wireless network design and its implementation. This report will also discuss the issues involved in this project. Problem Situation The Athlete’s Shack (TAS) runs its business through a chain of sporting goods stores. In the past few years, TAS has got massive popularity and now it has 10 stores in the area. Before, TAS was running its business through manual and traditional means. Additionally, the technology based systems and tools were used at a very small level. In this scenario, all the stores of the Athlete’s Shack were completely disconnected from each other. Hence, they required a solution that can better support and facilitate the corporate operations and dealings.

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A wireless solution for a sporting goods company
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