A specific television show.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on choose a specific television show. how does this television show portray society what does it reveal about the nature of huma Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! This series is a very good example of life style of New York, and it showed how a big city life style can affect the human nature. The style of this show is unique as all episodes were narrated by Ted Morsby. Ted Morsby is the main character who after the marriage of his best friends’ Marshal and Lily wanted to settle down with a good job, wife and kids (Astro46). Ted narrates the whole story of looking for a wife to his two kids. His narration consisted of some very comical situations, which happened in the life of characters. The show is an example of life of young New Yorkers, and how they spent time and share their dreams with their friends. The series show some very important aspects of human nature all sensitive issues of big cosmopolitan city dwellers were shown in a very humorous way. The show was a good example of how the citizens of New York attach themselves proudly to this great city. In the following lines, we will be discussing how people’s nature change after coming from different cities and settling down in a big cosmopolitan city. The show how I met Your Mother was not only hilarious, but it depicted life of young New Yorkers and their thoughts and aims and their life style. All the main characters were proud to be called New Yorkers though only two of them Barney and Lily were true New Yorkers. It showed how people feel proud to be called New Yorker and how small funny incidences can carry big messages. The main characters, Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshal are in their early thirties, and this is the time when a person not only wants to be settled in careers but also wants to get married and have kids. The program was a very good portrayal of young people of American society who have got educated and are on their way to settling down in life (Astro46). The series showed the fast life of New York and how young people work hard to achieve their aims and dreams. The series depicted how these young people wanted to achieve their goals in a very comical style. It showed how people manage their personal lives in a very fast life style. The Series portrayed different aspects of human nature in a very humorous manner. It showed that in a big city true friendship can matter a lot. True friends fight and get jealous but at the time of need they offer their shoulder to cry on it. The series depicted how we can forget our very own close relations in the fast life of New York. One such example in this show of human nature was on the death of Marshal’s father when he wanted to know his father’s last voice message to him. The worried look of not getting embarrassed in front of his family was on his faced. He was getting jealous of his siblings. It was a very normal just like any sibling jealousy and struggle to be loved more than other siblings. His true desire was that his father should have given a very special message to him. This episode truly depicted how people exaggerate and tell false stories about the dead people. In this episode, Barney made everyone realize that it is human nature that last words are always thought to be something great. This episode proved that sometimes getting angry can give you consolation as was in the case of Marshal’s mum. The actions of different people on a sad occasion of death were shown in a very hilarious way. In the end of the episode everyone realizes the importance of their loved ones.

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A specific television show.
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