A research paper of a film.

Most importantly, the information is stored for future use and hence conserves the culture of the respective individuals.

In most instances, the background of the writers greatly influences the nature of the film. In particular, it is widely agreed that the previous experiences of the writers are commonly highlighted in the films. This is because of the fact that the respective experiences shape the perceptions of the authors as well as the decisions that they make. To a great extent, their previous experiences regarding education and professional develop have a direct impact on the quality of the products that the individuals present on the market. Perhaps the most important aspect pertains to the culture of the author or director of the film. In most instances, this will always be reflected in the piece of work. It is against this background that this paper explores the themes presented in The Wedding Banquet in light of Ang Lee’s experiences. To enhance a harmonic consideration, the paper begins by highlighting the cultural setting of the film.

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A research paper of a film.
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The Wedding Banquet is an Asian-American film that is based on both the American and Asian values, virtues, traditions and culture. Seemingly, it explores the aforementioned cultural aspects through its characters and themes. According to Berry, this is aimed at bridging the gaps between the American and Asian cultures in an effort to come up with a complex and unified version (Berry 33). From a cultural point of view, unification or reconciliation of cultures is an important aspect of enhancing cultural growth. Put differently, this makes the audience to understand and appreciate both cultures. From a business standpoint, this is instrumental in enabling the film to reach a broader and more diversified client base.

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