A public speaking report.

The book tells how an individual can inspire the audience by making use of eye-popping presentations. The book is specifically directed at improving an individual’s presentation skills.

In the twelve chapters, Slide:ology explains the process of visual presentation right from its birth till its end. The first chapter tells how to develop the ideology of a new slide, the second chapter emphasizes that one should create ideas instead of slides, the third chapter offers guidance on making diagrams in presentations in a professional way, and the fourth chapter tells how to organize the information in presentations. The fifth chapter makes the reader’s thinking consistent with that of a designer so that the reader becomes able to arrange complicated elements adequately in the presentation with due reference from the sixth chapter of the book. The seventh chapter tells how to make best use of the backgrounds, slide layouts, text font and coloring. The eighth chapter guides on the use of visual images in slides. The ninth chapter tells how to move while making the presentation. The tenth chapter teaches use of templates, the eleventh chapter improves the reader’s interaction with slides and the last chapter teaches the five factors that control a presentation’s strength and make it appealing in tone and effect.

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Duarte has taught the reader the art of making presentation meaningful with 20 case studies and many anecdotes that are from the personal experiences of the writer. The writer has basically made points through stories with lessons in them. Duarte says that a presenter should be very humble with the audience. The most important thing about making speech is to convince the audience that they need to know about the matter under discussion. Duarte says that one should not try to be a hero in the stories one narrates.

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