A Forecast of Ted Rallley’s Company Auto Sales

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on A Forecast of Ted Rallley’s Company Auto Sales. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It also indicates that additive holt-winter model is the second best model in forecasting the auto sales parts of Ted Rallleys company.

As the economy change keeps on declining, every play of the economy grows experience the falling trend. The automotive industry depended much on the economic boom. This decline in the economic growth has a negative effect on the automotive industry (Bruns, W. J., & Waterhouse, J. H.,1975). The distributors of the automotive parts have continued to experience heavy losses. And capacity caused by cuts caused by the automakers. The distributors are also facing costly energy and material constraints. It has been raised by the economic analysis that the automotive industry that used to raise over $72 billion has been of the pathetic point since the county has set it on the chapter 11 law of protection. There will be an increasing rise in the number of bankruptcies. A lot of challenges is faced by the distributors of the USA since it very difficult to penetrate the supply chain marker as the chains were established long ago with home marketers. With the economy continuously deteriorating everyone seems to be getting hurt financially, even the automotive industry, which has to deepen the economic recession. Automotive part suppliers continued to experience heavy debt and overcapacity caused by production cuts by automakers, specifically including the big 3 (Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Chrysler).

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 A Forecast of Ted Rallley’s Company Auto Sales
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