A Career in a Computer Science Field.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: A Career in a Computer Science Field. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Settling in computer science was not an automatic choice as I never knew that such a course exists. However, my visit to my uncle at his workplace developed an interest in IT and this drove my curiosity to understand more about IT and computer courses. I visited several institutes, colleagues, and universities in search of an appropriate course in the area. Throughout this experience, I settled on computer science after realizing that it was the best IT course that incorporates quite a number of parameters. I was also guided by the job market trends that indicated that computer science was inherently marketable and that I could earn myself a job very quickly after graduation (Dorsey et al 56). Above all, I just liked working with computers, and this added to my enthusiasm for settling on the IT course. The field of computer science involves a number of IT applications and is growing day by day making it necessary for professionals to update their knowledge on a regular basis, this is one of the reasons why this field is interesting.

A job in computer science is a desire of many people because of the perks it offers along with the pride and glory that comes with working in the field. However, landing a job in the vast profession does not come easy as a number of requirements are prescribed in the process of joining the vocation (Lurie 23). A degree in computer science is a necessity for one to join the professional and graduate education is a minimum for a good start in the profession, though one can be employed with a diploma in the same field but at relatively lower pay. Academic qualifications and experience are required. Under normal circumstances, experience in computer science is an added advantage in the sense that people who have already worked in this field have a higher chance of getting hired at any given time (Jerome et al 34-43). This is because of the fact that people with experience are considered reliable because they possess practical knowledge of how things work in the expansive field.

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