A blend of altruistic and narcissistic in each batistes character.

 Judging one’s personality is always a very big challenge. This is because most of the time people will tend to focus on the positive aspects of their characters while ignoring the negative aspects of their characters. In my own opinion, I would say that I am a blend of both altruistic and narcissistic. There are a number of reasons that I believe that I am altruistic. I am the oldest in a family of three. My siblings are by far younger than me. In fact, the oldest of my two siblings is eleven years younger than me. Growing up, my parents have always guided me and insisted on the importance of me being there for my younger siblings. Personally, I have always felt responsible for my younger siblings. Sometimes when my parents go for journeys they always leave me with them and I have always had the conviction that their safety and well being is my responsibilities during such times. It got to a level that I would not have to be given a reminder on the same. This kind of life experience has helped me in interacting with people and to always think of other people too and not only me. I remember one day feeling hungry and knowing that my siblings were in the same state I decided to give them food. As soon as I saw them having their meals, I was surprised to realize that I was not feeling hungry anymore. The other reason as to why I have the conviction that I am altruistic is the fact that I have always had no problem in helping out other people, especially when it comes to people with problems which seem genuine. This is always dependent on whether I am in a position to help or not. However, what makes me consider myself as altruistic is the fact that I am always having the will to help people in such a situation regardless of whether being in a position to help or not. This is a trait that has always been taken advantage of by people a number of times. The funny this is that whenever I meet someone in such a situation am always convinced that they are different from those that have taken advantage of this trait before.

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A blend of altruistic and narcissistic in each batistes character.
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