Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Third-party Logistics. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. There are currently various 3PLs currently in the market containing a variety of models and execute various tasks. Some 3PLs are specialized in particular industries. freeze up food such as fish. Simultaneously, others may concentrate on a single specific area of logistics like auditing freight bills, warehousing, or even provision of logistically related software.A third-party logistics provider (abbreviated 3PL, or sometimes TPL) is a firm that offers service to its clients of outsourced or sometimes known as (or “third-party”). The Logistics services that are assumed to be part or rather their entire supply chain management operations (Sheffi, 1990).

Types of Third-party logistics

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Third-party logistics providers may comprise freight forwarders, courier companies, and other companies that integrate and provide delegated logistics and transportation assistance. Hertz and Alfredsson (2003) explain the four categories of 3PL that are being provided. Which include:-

Standard 3PL Provider. it is the general basic kind provider of 3PL. They carry out services like pick and pack services, warehousing services, and distribution (business), which are the most basic logistics (Berglund et al. 1999).

Service Developer: the Provider of this kind of 3PL services kind gives their customers advanced value-added services like tracking and tracing services, cross-docking services, specific packaging services, or providing a unique security system. A firm IT foundation and a focus on economies of scale and scope will allow this kind of 3PL Provider to perform these services.

The Customer Adapter: this form of 3PL Provider is used at the customer request and generally covers total control of its logistics services. The 3PL giver enhances the logistics radically but doesn’t develop a different service. The basis of the customer for this kind of 3PL services is normally too small.

The Customer Developer. this is the greatest level that a 3PL provider can reach concerning its processes and services. It takes place when the 3PL Provider incorporates with the client and takes over their whole logistics work. The providers will obtain a small number of customers. however, they will carry out broad and detailed tasks.

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