7 Questions Regarding Communications, Training, and International Media

Please answer the following 7 questions with sources after each question.

All questions answered must be between 200-250 words each

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7 Questions Regarding Communications, Training, and International Media
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1.  Explain how data is collected through surveys and questionnaires and how a questionnaire is constructed.

2.  Explain what cross-tabulation analysis is and how it enables you to look at two or more groups of data simultaneously.

3.  Explain what infographics are and how they can help audiences understand large amounts of information.

4.  Explain what on-the-job training is, cross-training, and how coaching helps as well.

5.  Explain web-based learning, simulation, and role-playing in the workplace.

6.  Explain what cultural proximity is and the how the preference of audiences for media help in the communication process.

7.  Explain international regulation regarding global media transmissions

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