7 pages page paper that discusses human resource management plan.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses human resource management plan. In short, one can say that “the purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contribution of people to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically, and socially responsible” (Werther, Keith, 8).

The human resource has certain objectives without which there would be no need of it, there are four types of objectives, Organizational Objective, the organizational effectiveness is the key issue here, its main job is to identify the fact that is there any management exiting or not? Than comes Functional Objective, here HR job is to identify and maintain the level of contribution in relation to the organization’s needs, then comes Societal Objective, here the job of HR is to fulfill the needs of the society in terms of being ethically and socially responsible in meeting the challenges faced by the society, then the last one is Personal Objective, it is assumed to be the core purpose of HR and that is to assist employees in reaching their own goals and helping and assuring their contribution in the success of the organization itself. Let’s move onto a few more important steps in HR.

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7 pages page paper that discusses human resource management plan.
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The job analysis is perhaps the core of every job, it estimates and identifies the tasks, duties, efforts required, and responsibilities related to each specific job, in short, “knowledge about jobs and their requirements must be collected through a process known as job analysis, in which information about jobs is systematically collected, evaluated and organized” (Werther, Keith, 119). The information of job analysis is collected by identifying the jobs to be analyzed, developing a job analysis questionnaire, which is conducted by a job analyst, and the third part is collection of job analysis information, which is an overall evaluation of the job. In the case of the current position of finding a “registered nurse”, the analysis should include experience, human characteristics, background information, and responsibility in terms of having a basic&nbsp.terms of having basic know-how of the functions to be performed.

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