5-8 pages research paper

Note: I need complete 5-8 pages research paper on the provided topic area. I also attached the reading material that is needed to follow. Must address each instruction thoroughly. Must include 5-6 credible scholarly sources reference cited in APA. Must provide 100% original answer.


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5-8 pages research paper
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Using the provided chapter readings, write a complete 5-8 pages research paper on the topic area of organizational decision making. Your paper must address the following.

1.      Introduction: In a paragraph give a brief description of the research topic and research question related to the organizational decision making. Include a thesis statement at the end of your introduction.

2.      Body:

a.      Using headings and sub headings provide a brief synopsis of the research material,

b.      Its general implications in the workplace such as a new technique, tool, theory, etc.

c.       Discuss benefits related to research topic.

d.      Also, discuss limitations related to research topic.

e.      Include the recommendations to improve the research issue you discussed.

3.      Conclusion: Summarized your findings of research and discuss the results briefly.

NOTE: Papers must include proper headings, 5-6 credible scholarly sources reference cited in APA.

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