20th century arts.

Both in quantity and quality, Picasso’s art – paintings, sculptures, etchings and ceramics – were revolutionary, introducing innovations and breaking established traditions in art. (Walther 2000, p. 7) For instance, it was he who founded cubism in art. It is for these reasons why Picasso became a tremendous influence in the subsequent generation of artists in various visual media in the modern time.

The Beatles is often described as the most astonishing thing to happen in the world’s rock ‘n’ roll. Perhaps this is true with the hysteria this band bank elicited from its fans and with its defining role in the contemporary music industry. Also, their recording innovations and showmanship transformed the music scene into emotionally intense, media event. According to Wiley Lee Umphlett (2006), their influence “was strong enough to direct music toward a future of varied stylistic interpretations, as seen in the wave of other innovative… groups that appeared, each striving to be more audacious than the others.” (p. 113) Just like The Beatles, succeeding performers would henceforth capitalize on the fruits of recording experimentations and in promotional gimmickry of antifashion or flamboyant dress that transformed the way the audience and the fans embraced music.

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In the history of world cinema – of what became of it, its far-reaching influence on the masses and society as a whole – it was Marlon Brando’s legacy that is mostly evident. He infused a new vitality to the theater, film and the entertainment industry. Starting from his starring role in the play, A Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon Brando went to represent our period’s portrait of the mass man – in effect changing our attitude and standards towards film, performance and entertainment. As with The Beatles, he epitomized the rebel icon which helped define not just the American but the world’s pop culture. 

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