Direct and Indirect Instruction Model

Write a 2 pages paper on direct and indirect instruction model. Direct and Indirect Instruction Model

Learning is a continuous process known to be all through anyone’s life. The dynamism of the world’s content necessitates adventuring and corresponding simplification through introduction of learning centers such as schools. People pay for learning services comprising individuals in different levels of learning. Regardless of level and learning institution hierarchy, two prominent models have been applied to teach including direct and indirect models. The choice of a model to be used depends largely on the lesson, system policies, and academicians administering the lesson.

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Direct and Indirect Instruction Model
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Question 1

Direct instruction model has been applicable in teaching for an unspecified duration. In this model, instructor imparts knowledge to learners using direct material that can easily be understood. Mostly, application of direct instruction model leave most of the work to the teacher, and it requires strict following of lesson plan. In this light, students do not have the opportunity to brainstorm. Additionally, use of learning procedures such as lab session, workshop, internship, and discussion are exempted. The positive sides of this model include inclusion of both quick and slow learners, reduction of time wastage in learning, and reduction of learning cost to the learner. On the contrary, direct instruction model has been blamed for making learners lazy, reducing teacher-student interaction, and reducing diversification in knowledge acquisition (Borich, 2007). In my application of direct instruction model, I find it appropriate in teaching different types of linguistics such as official and non-official language in a job interview.

Question 2

Indirect learning is applicable in the teaching process where concepts are involved, and solutions are sought for problems. The idea behind indirect instruction model is to make learners active in the learning process by giving them an opportunity to contribute. It is proven over time that practical learning processes enhance mastery and indirect instruction model embrace that ideology. Therefore, the term indirect is used in this context because the process gives learners crude information, which they transform in their understanding fit for their mastery. From this perspctive, teachers do not give information in open context manner forcing the learners to do their parts and ingest the information delivered (Borich, 2007). For instance, indirect instruction model would be used in teaching mathematics where a teacher gives an example intended to provide the learner with a formula to handle sums of a similar nature.

Question 3

Learning processes sometimes become boring or complex to student. When this happens, it is necessary to proof to students otherwise by making the process enjoyable and easy. For this to happen, the teacher needs to give direct information by breaking the complex part for the learners and relating them to real life situation. However, direct learning might not be appropriate to teach lab session such as surgical processes since students’ involvement is necessary so that they can appropriately apply the same on their own.

Question 4

“Early studies estimated that 70% to 80% of all questions required the simple recall of facts. only 20% to 30% required the high-level thought processes of clarifying, expanding, generalizing, and making inference (Corey 1940). Eventually, little has changed since these early studies.”

It was once said that tell them, and they will forget, show them and they will recall, involve them in the act or process and they will understand. These words have remained true until today (Borich, 2007). The connection is imperative as it creates a connection between learning, understanding and success.


Borich, G. D. (2007).&nbsp.Effective teaching methods: Research-based practice. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson Merrill/Prentice Hall.

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