​​​​​Critical Assignment: Topic Selection 

  1.  Read the Critical Assignment Paper and Presentation Instructions below. Once you have finished reading the instructions select a film to analyze for the critical assignment paper and presentation. In your selection make sure to include the following:  1) State the film you selected and why.  2) Explain what aspects of interpersonal communication you plan to evaluate while watching the film (this can change when you submit the paper, this serves as a brainstorming function).  Critical Assignment Paper– Students will watch and review a movie and analyze interpersonal relationships. The movie must be appropriate and applicable. Students can choose from the list in the PDF attached to this assignment. Students can choose from the prompt in the attachment or utilize their own structure for the assignment. However, students must choose a film from the list.  Critical Assignment: Film Analysis.For the critical assignment students will take part in a film analysis and will present the findings to the class with a web video and presentation. Students will analyze the film utilizing one of the two prompts provided to determine the interpersonal communication behaviors and effects found in the film. The paper must be in APA format (including all elements, cover page, abstract, etc) and between 4-5 pages in length (not including the cover or abstract pages).  COM308_CriticalAssignment.pdf
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